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What is Crowd 1 Networking Company? Scam or Legit




The history of networking is traceable to California Vitamin Company. This company came up with the concept of Multi-Level marketing in 1934. In recent times, many companies adopt this marketing strategy and Crowd1 is one of the fastest-growing MLM businesses in the world.

While many people have a lot of reservations when it comes to MLM businesses, it is still a one marketing strategy that turns in enough sales. However, this article will analyze the Crowd 1 marketing multi-level marketing strategy, how they make their money, crowd1 investments, and review the success journey of this MLM investment company.

What is Multi-Level Marketing?

Marketing is one way to convince people to buy products basically created for them. Usually, it involves telling customers the benefits of a product to make them see more reasons why they need the products.

There are obviously, different ways to do this and Multilevel is one of them. Though it is the most controversial type of marketing, it dividends and success rate cannot be sidelined.

Multi Level marketing is a strategy used by direct sales companies to encourage existing distributors to recruit new distributors who are now paid a percentage of their recruit’s sales. In clearer terms, MLM simply refer to a marketing strategy that encourages existing customers to recruit new customers majorly as distributors.

Those who recruit are usually paid some percentage of what their recruits sign up with. What this means is that customers are sales persons and brand ambassadors of the company. Hence, they can make money either by signing up sales-people that would use the products for personal use or sell it to their family and friends.

What is Crowd1?

Crowd1 is a global digital network marketing company that is affiliated with the gaming and entertainment industries. The company is owned by Impact Crowd Technology (ICT) with headquarters in Madrid, Spain.

The company is also in partnership with Youtube and other companies with a fleet of digital products and services. Crowd1 offers online networking business model that is the first of its kind.

Currently, the entertainment and gaming industry is the most lucrative platform. Hence, crowd1 offers its members an opportunity to take part in the world’s most lucrative entertainment history.

Well, it adopts the Multilevel marketing strategy to build its online presence. The company leverages on crowd marketing to create a sloid crowd of members whoa are eager to take advantage negotiated with profitable third party companies.

This implies, it holds on to the crowd it has to pull great dividends from its partnership with existential businesses. From its profit, investors in the company get some percentage.

To continuously have the mandate and crowd to do more exploits, it encourages its investors to take advantage of multi-level marketing.

The company was founded in Sweden in 2016 though it was pre-launched on the 25th of January 2019 and was officially on the 1st of August 2019.

Who is Crowd1 CEO?

Crowd 1 CEO is  Johan Staël von Holstein. He is a well-known Swedish entrepreneur, venture capitalist and author. Johan is a co founder of some dot come companies such as Icon medialab and

Over the years, he has created a niche for himself as a successful online entrepreneur. In fact, he a serial techpreneur, online business coach and a public speaker within the field of entrepreneurship, technology, privacy and digital rights.

Johan Staël von Holstein is one of the internet visionaries in Europe. Even though the company was founded by Jonas Werner with Peter Jakobsson as Chief Network Leader, Johan seems to be the best fit for the position of CEO. Because he has the experience, MLM knowledge, and innovative idea to move the company to a new level.

Crowd1 Logo

Currently, Crowd1 is making waves in Europe and Africa with a binary compensation plan selling ‘Owner Rights”. It ranks 5 on Alexa which means the website is getting enormous traffic. Below is the official logo of Crowd 1.


Does Crowd1 have Products and Services?

Yes, on its official webpage, C-store houses a number of products and services rendered by Crowd1 in affiliation with third party companies like Affilgo which is an online gambling network and Miggster; a mobile and social game platform.

Generally, people have gotten accustomed to selling products to family and friends. Crowd 1 does not offer retail physical products to investors to sell.

According to the official website, Crowd1 offers members all over the world the unique opportunity to take part in the gig economy, quality education, international networking and to contribute to achieving better digital equality in the world.

Crowd 1 sells educational packages that include a generous voucher with videos and other forms of education services. This products can be used by affiliates or simply re-sold.

In addition, Crowd1 management is currently, in talks with various large organizations for partnerships and collaborations. Below are some of the companies in partnership with Crowd1:


Affilgo is Crowd1’s revolutionary new solution for choosing the best products and services. Affilgo harnesses the power of Crowd1 membership network, personal recommendation, and affiliate marketing.

This third party company introduces members of Crowd1 to the most popular forms of entertainment. Starting with online gambling, affilgo guides Crowd1 members to its selected partners that offer sport betting, casino and other games.

Interestingly, members can use this platform for relaxation and leisure, they can also recommend to others and earn money from multi-marketing.


This third party company claims to be the future of mobile gaming. By 2021, the mobile gaming industry is expected to top $100 billion achieving a decade of double digit growth. In fact, mobile gaming industry generates more than 50% of the global games market.

Miggster offers Crowd1 members and opportunity to build a global organization in one of the fastest-growing industries. For Miggster, leveraging on the power of crowd marketing is one solid way to cash into the mobile gaming industry.

According to world statistics, Esports has recorded over 11 billion hours of watching in 2020 with over 250 million people around the world watching live and online.

Generally, with a total of 194 billion apps downloaded in 2018, and over 5 billion mobile users in the world, miggster is about to let the magic begin leveraging on Crowd1 marketing strategy.


Lifetrend is one of the third-party companies in affiliation with Crowd1. It offers an online booking service that allows crowd1 members to book flights, hotels, and relaxation resorts at relatively low prices.

Crowd1 affiliate members in partnership with lifetrends can now work as travel tour guides while helping friends and family with hotel and flight reservations. Also, life trends offer car rentals, special vacation deals and fast passport and visa management.

Lifetrend offers a LifeTRNDS Platinum Membership to over 10 million members of Crowd1. Through this package, Crowd1 members enjoy the most beneficial prices and bookings. Members are allowed to choose from millions of hotels, resorts, cruises while saving thousands in large discounts.

Affiliate crowd1 members also enjoy special vacation rental deals, fast passport and VISA management offered by LifeTRNDS.


Grithub is home to the educational channel of Crowd1. According to its official page, grit is among the most important success factors and can be learned.

For the affiliate members of crowd1, Mygrithub is an online educational tool that aids them to enhance their grit.

Grit, however, must not be confused with talent or luck. Though talent and luck are important in success, grithub opines that they are no guarantee of grit. Crowd1 affiliate members are individuals and corporate bodiesy who are business-minded and looking for ways to widen their horizons.

So, grithub creates a platform for these successful people in the world to constantly learn and adapt to new business models. They never stop learning and listening to people even when they experts in their profession or business.

My grithub delivers educational packages that may be used or resold. Currently, members of grithub learn real estate investments and how to earn big time from it.

Other digital products in affliation with Crowd 1 include:

  • Crowd1 Magazine
  • Lifetrend Platinum membership and
  • Other products yet to be launched or rolled out.

Is Crowd 1 a Multi-Level Marketing Company?

Yes, crowd1 is an MLM company because it leverages on crowd marketing to generate sales and profits for its third party companies. Unlike most product companies, Crowd1 is a service rendering platform and uses a controversial marketing strategy to raise investors.

These investors receive dividends, bonuses, and discounts from the company. However, the majority of their income comes from a referral basis. That is, the company pays investors percentages of their recruits’ investment.

How does Crowd 1 Networking Company make Its Money?

Simply, Crowd 1 makes its money from the crowd it pulls. With over 10 million affiliate members, crowd 1’s teeming traffic converts sales for its third party companies.

First, it is in partnership with game sites that need the crowd to generate funds. So, Crowd 1 pulls the crowd for them, they make sales and earn money.

Now, because Crowd 1 invests its fund into these platforms, they will definitely get the dividend of their investments.

Also, travel tour companies depend on traffic which gives them visibility to earn. So, through Lifetrends, Crowd 1 investors over 8 million of them patronize these companies. While they get discounts, the crowd generates money for the MLM company.

In addition, because Crowd1 employs a multi-level marketing strategy, they are always open to new business opportunities. The availability of funds and traffic makes it possible for them to harness business opportunities.

How Do I Invest in Crowd 1?

The first thing that you will need to do in order to get started is to join one of the investment levels to qualify for commissions from the opportunity that Crowd1 offers.

Aside from what the company calls “owner right” shares, each registration package comes with a quite a number of benefits. One thing is sure, upon registration you will earn instant C1 rewards worth your registration amount if not more.

How you can have this money in your bank account will be seen in how to make money in crowd1.

Below are the registration packages and benefits:

White Package: This level requires an investment package of 99 Euros. And, comes with the following benefits:

  • Educational package of worth 99 euros.
  • instant Crowd1 rewards worth 100 euros
  • Streamline bonus up to level 4
  • Matching bonus on level 1st generation.

Black Package: This package requires an investment of 299 euros. And, members with this package will enjoy the following benefits:

  • Educational package worth 299 euros
  • instant Crowd1 rewards worth 300 euros
  • Streamline bonus up to level 8
  • Matching bonus on level 3

Gold Package: Members joining crowd1 as gold affiliates will invest 799 euros and will enjoy the following

  • educational package worth 799 euros
  • instant crowd1 rewards worth 1000 euros
  • streamline bonus up to level 12
  • matching bonus on level 4

Titanium Package: Aspiring Crowd1 affiliate members will pay 2,499 euros to join as titanium investors. The benefits of this package include:

  • educational package of MyGrithub worth 2, 499 euros
  • crowd1 rewards worth3, 500 euros
  • streamline bonus up to level 20 generation
  • matching bonus on level 5

How do I Make Money In Crowd1?

Affiliate members can earn money in crowd1 through any of the four compensation bonuses paid by the company. These bonuses are called streamline, binary, matching and fear loss of bonus.

Streamline Bonus

This is claimed every week by each member irrespective of referrals. How much you claim each week depends on the number of people that join Crowd1 from all over the world after you have joined.

Every member of crowd1 will keep earning Streamline bonus in euros for life and the value of streamline bonus increases as a person begins to refer.

Affiliate members can earn 2.5 euro and 2, 250 euro a week.

Binary Bonus

Crowd1 like many other networking companies operates on a binary system. Binary bonus refers to the bonus a member earns when he has down liners on his left and right sides. Unlike other MLM companies, Crowd1 operates on 1:1 but in addition, there are 1:2 and 1:3 binary instant payouts.

Below is the binary points and payouts for the different packages

  • White =99 euros 90 points
  • Black= 108 euros 270 points
  • Gold=288 euros 720 points
  • Titanium=900 euros 2250 points

Matching Bonus

At the fifth level, this bonus is paid through a uni-level structure and is made as follows:

  • White package: 10% matching bonus for white package investors with 4 investors
  • Black Package: 10% matching bonus for level 1 and 2 with recruit of 8 investors.
  • Gold Package: 10% matching bonus on levels 1-4 with recruit of 16 investors.
  • Titanium Package: 10% matching bonus on levels 1-5 with recruit of 20 investors.

Affiliate Residual Income: Irrespective of referrals in crowd1, affiliate members earn residual income which is dividend paid by the company.

This passive income is paid as monthly and quarterly rewards to active members.

Is There an App for Crowd 1 Networking Company?

Yes, investors can download the company app from the Google play store. Interestingly, even stay at home Moms, students and those looking for an extra source of income can benefit from this platform.

Is Crowd 1 Networking Company Legit or Scam? An Honest Review

The only 100% sure deal in life is death. Even though we are not in the know of when, it is a certainty that everyone understands. Every other thing has at least a 1% uncertainty.

Many people feel quite withdrawn when it comes to making money online. This is usually because thre is no physical office to hold accountable if anything goes wrong.

Well, in as much as your fears are valid, quite a number of people earn money online and in fact, it is their sole source of opportunity.

So, on if Crowd 1 is a scam, I will posit that Crowd1 is no scam zone. First, it is a registered company, with headquarters in Spain and offices in different countries.

Secondly, unlike claims by some review sites Crowd1 has products though they are not physical products. A survey on the site shows a C-store that houses all digital products of Crowd 1.

In fact, its Life trend that is recently launched is one mega digital product that may invade the world. The product is actually, a win-win for both Crowd 1 investors and registered travel tours on Life trends.

Finally, I must not fail to state that Gambling which is slated by the company as its main source of income, is highly regulated and profits are duly licensed. There is, however, no evidence on the companies official webpage to confirm this licensure.

This is a review of Crowd1 multi-level marketing. This article from Nenora is not an endorsement of Crowd1.

Crowd 1 networking Contact Details

You can easily visit the official page of the company by clicking the button below. Or visit their Facebook page, Youtube as well as their twitter channel. However, if you can work with a team that will guide you through this journey.

Crowd 1 MLM FAQS

What Is The Cost To Join Crowd1?

The minimum cost to join Crowd 1 networking company and to earn from the compensation plan it offers is 99 Euros.
There are 4 levels that you can invest in to start which are:
White Level – The cost to join this level is 99 Euros.
Black Level – The cost to join this level is 299 E Euros.
Gold Level – The cost to join this level is 799 E Euros.
Titanium Level – The cost to join this level is 2499 E Euros.

How Does Crowd1 Make Money?

The company states that external revenue is generated through online gambling.

Would I Recommend The Crowd1 Opportunity?

Personally, since I have a clear understanding of how MLM businesses work, I will invest in Crowd 1. So, I recommend crowd1 to everyone who is seeking online means to make extra cash. However, it is important you be in the know of how you can earn from this online opportunity.

Is Crowd1 BBB Accredited?

At this time, Crowd1 is yet to be accredicted by BBB. This does not in any way suggest that the company is not licensed. Rather, it is not currently, registered on BBB.


This article reviews the Crowd 1 networking company. It analyses its internal revenue, and investment options alongside owners rights each investor stands to gain.

Also, this article reviews the business opportunities Crowd 1 offers and gives a review that allows you choose to invest or not. So, if you have been seeking validation or conviction to invest or not invest with Crowd1, this article gives the best review.

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    Believe it or not, only death is certain in the universe because only God knows everything and He is perfect, though we have not seen Him in person, we believe God exists and working in our lives. The same thing with Crowd1, saying members didn’t find physical products when the package has purchased, but it does exist in a digital manner that the member can utilize in exploring and building his/her own business with the team, usually known as down lines.
    After reading this article, I still go to Crownd1. “Impossible is Nothing”.

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