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Easy Steps on How to Humidify a Room in Less Than 30 Minutes




As winter approaches, the need to humidify a room becomes very necessary. Mostly, the itchy skin, irritated sinus passages are caused by the dry air in the winter.

With a humidifier, you can easily control and monitor the moisture in the air. However, there are simpler and cheaper methods to raise the humidity in your home. This article compiles a list of natural and cheap methods to achieve this

This article will also explain humidity, why you need to humidify your room and when you need to humidify your room.

What is Room Humidifying?

Room humidifying is a way of bringing the moisture in a room or entire building up to a certain level. During the summer, the air is humid and the air conditioning helps keep things cool. However, as winter begins and intensifies, the air gets colder and drier, making it more and more difficult to keep your home humid enough to avoid these bothersome maladies. 

There quite a number of maladies associated with the harsh weather that comes with Winter. The air usually gets colder and drier and children are likely to fall to itchy skins, dry throat, and other maladies.

Though a humidifier is an appliance built to carry out this task, there are natural ways to keep your room humid enough.

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When Should I Humidify My Room?

Room Humidifying is essential especially, during spring time. But, you need to know when to humidify first.

If you do not pay close attention to winter weather changes, you may not be able to detect dry air. However, constant runny nose, dry throat and nasal congestion are some symptoms to remind you to humidify your room.

If you have kids, you should humidify as soon as you notice these symptoms.

How Do I Humidify My Room?

The easiest way to humidify your room is to use a humidifier. It is simple but it cost some good money though. This article compiles a list of the best natural ways to humidify your room in less than 30 minutes.

#1. Allow Your Wet Clothes to Dry Indoors

Your wet clothes can help you keep humid in your room. The moisture slowly evaporates during the drying process. Leaving your cloths to dry in your room while you sleep is a great cheap method to humidify your room in few minutes.

#2. Leave Water Boiling on a Stove

In less than 30 minutes, you can dispel dry air in your room keep water boiling within this period. This is a fast and easy way to humidify a room with a bowl of water.

#3. Leave the Bathroom Door Open While Taking a Hot Shower

Extra moisture that evaporates from a hot steamy shower is one natural way to humidify a room. To elongate this effect, simply wait for the water in the bath tub to get cold before draining.

#4. Place a Bowl of Water near the Window

When you place a bowl of water close to the window, the sun’s heat helps the water evaporate. This method is quite effective though there are no many sunny days during winter. If there is no sunlight, just place it in a room.

While this will work, it will take more time to humidify. During sunny days, use this trick to humidify room in less than 30 minutes.

#5. Spray Your Curtains

Sprinkling water on your curtains is one way to humidify your room in less than 30 minutes. The amount of water you spray depends on the curtain type.

#6. Invest in an Indoor Fountain

Setting up an indoor fountain is a great way to humidity a room in less than 30 minutes. There are cheap indoor fountains to aid you to keep your home humid during winter. To reduce costs, a recycling indoor fountain will be the best option.

#7. Cook on the Stovetop

You have probably been cooking on a stovetop all year round. During winter, you should cook more often on the Stovetop to increase moisture in your room in a few minutes.

#8. Get Houseplants

Planting houseplants is another trick to humidify the room during winter. Transpiration is a process plants lose water to the environment. The water being lost to the environment helps humidify a room. So, take advantage of this cheap and natural process to moisture your home.

Humdify Your Room FAQS

How can I humidify my room quickly?

To humidify your room quickly, dry clothes indoors, boil a pot of water and place a bowl of water near the window during sunny days.

How long does it take to humidify a room?

It takes 3-4 hours to move a room temperature from 38 degree Celsius to 33 degree Celsius. Some natural processes can humidify a room in less than 30 minutes.

Does boiling water add moisture to the air?

Yes, boiling water adds moisture in the air. This evaporation permeates the air and aids humidify a room.


Winter season is usually accompanied with dry air. This can cause maladies like itchy eyes, dry throat and irritated skins.

To dispel dry air in your home, installing a humidifer to increase moisture in your home is a great option. However, you could still achieve this if you adhere to some natural tricks to increase moisture.

The most important ingredient in increasing moisture is water. But, how do you increase moisture in a room with water?

This article compiles a list of water tricks that helps you humidify your room. And, this can be achieved in less than 30 minutes. Read through to see the list.


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How to Overcome Stay at Home Mum Depression




There’s a very real lack of knowledge about the reality of stay-at-home moms. The depression that comes with staying home all day to take care of your family is hardly noticed or talked about.

Overcoming depression as a stay at home mum starts with taking a concise decision to be in charge of your general well being.

Just as the pain and body changes that come with pregnancy goes unnoticed at the cry of the baby, so is the pain and depression of stay at home moms swept under the carpet.

It is not out of place to ask what is stay at home mom depression, what causes and how to overcome it. This article explains in clear terms the triggers, symptoms and preventive measures of stay at home mums depression.

What is Stay at Home Mom Depression?

Simply put, stay-at-home mom depression is that state of a persistent feeling of sadness, low mood, failure, anger, loss of interest, lack of self-esteem and motivation, which affects the typical daily life of a full-time mom. 

While carrying out the vast task of nursing and raising children, at the same time running a household, some “housewives” as they are commonly called, lose their sanity so to speak. 

This depression of stay at home moms are resultant effects of the pains, anxieties, fears, and feeling of inadequacy that comes with being a house wife. Especially in Africa, where this full time job is barely appreciated or considered important at all.

What Causes SAHM Depression?

Causes of SAHM depression is quite a long list. Depending on individual, locality and their reality, quite a number of factors can drive a stay at home mum into depression.

However, one notable cause of this type of depression is lack of appreciation, lack of finance among others.

Other things that can trigger SAHM depression include upsetting or stressful changes (bereavement, divorce, job loss, money worries), isolation, loss of purpose and identity, and criticism.

I had my first Stay-at-home mom depression experience after I had my little princess during the Covid -19 pandemic lockdown and the jobs I had applied for, didn’t come through.

It was a big change for me. The transition to motherhood without a job or a source of income.

I began to wake each day to the same monotonous domestic chores without pay.

As a first-time mom and an African, we had plans that my mom would come for the traditional ‘Omugwo’ visit. Basically, this visit allows new moms to get enough rest while their mothers assist in taking care of the baby and other house chores.

But Covid -19 happened and all plans were shattered.

Did I mention that I had my princess through a Caesarean Section? Yes!

It’s was just hubby and I doing our thing. No help whatsoever from anywhere.

I had to bathe the baby,  do her laundry every day, (hubby helped out often times and did the cooking all through the Omugwo period), just about any house chore you can think of and still nurse the baby. The sleepless nights too. Phew!

The experience was tasking and overwhelming.

Then the incision site got infected, the stitches were tearing apart and refused to heal. I kept dressing it every two days for over five months. 

The hole it dug into our pockets, the pain on the incision site, the regular visits to the hospital for dressing, the whole stress and the fact that I desperately needed a job even if it was virtual, all caused me depression.

I wanted something different from the everyday norm. 

At the end of every single day, I suffered exhaustion of the mind and body. I lost appetite and started having feelings of inadequacy.

Often times I just broke down and cried my eyes out and hubby will keep consoling me.

One fateful day, I was sharing my struggles with a friend over the phone, who was also nursing a baby almost about my baby’s age.

I found out that she was passing through the same thing. We cried together, encouraged each other and prayed and we both felt better.

It made me know that I was not alone on that journey. Now imagine for a second I didn’t get all the support I needed from my husband?

But like I mentioned earlier, so many things could be a trigger for stay-at-home mom depression. 

Triggers for Stay at Home Depression

  • Lack of appreciation from partner
  • Sick children
  • Poor Finance

Signs of SAHM Depression

Irrespective of what caused your depression, the signs of depression are usually the same. Basically, you may never understand how depressed you are till you pay attention to your emotions.

When your emotions constantly suffer, you are bound to have a hopeless disposition to life, your existence as a mum and your personality. You must pay attention to times when you feel totally inadequate, undeserving, always angry, and self pity.

I starting digging to know how we can overcome this menace not often talked about, yet eating up so many stay-at-home moms.

Other signs of stay at home mom depression include:

  • Loss of interest in life
  • Increased fatigue
  • Inability to sleep
  • Anxiety
  • Irritability with partner
  • Sudden change in appetite
  • Sudden weight gain or weight loss
  • Uncontrollable emotions
  • Suicidal thoughts

Five Steps to Overcome Stay at Home Mum Depression

#1. Seek Help

Virtually everyone has one or two things that constantly motivates them. At times when you feel so low or lose interest in life, seeking help surely helps.

Help could come from a plethora of things especially spiritual connection. If you are a Christian, looking up to God, the author and finisher of your faith does have a way of rekindling the desire to live again. Simply ask God to help you overcome the pain, rejection you feel as a stay at home mum at the moment.

Although it works, you must first have to believe.

#2. Create a Perfect Me- Time

Clearly, you barely have time for yourself after you plunge your energy into taking care of your partner and kids. When you are not being appreciated or talked down on, SAHM depression could set in.

Well, if you fail to take care of yourself, you will surely feel worst when depression sets in as a stay at home mum. One proven way to overcome depression as a stay at home mom is to create a me-time.

You need to take care of you, so you can take care of others. Depending on your schedule, find the perfect 5 to 15 mins to “do you” everyday. This could extend to hours or even a day, if you can get the help you need to rejuvenate daily or weekly.

#3. Join a Community of Stay at Home Moms  

When I first experienced depression as a stay at home mom, I drew strength from the experiences of other mums like me.

So, join a community of stay-at-home moms or a maternal mental health group. It helps reduce the effect of isolation and boredom on stay-at-home moms.

You are allowed to be open and communicate your feelings and struggles and other moms will encourage you. It helped me a lot!

#4. Practice Effective Planning

Ninety percent of the stress you may feel as a stay at home mom is as a result of an unplanned day. To escape this, work with a schedule. A schedule helps you to avoid working all day and achieving day.

Taking care of the home front is enormous and energy-sapping. One way to avoid being drained is by planning each day.

Also, you must consider outsourcing and getting as much help as you can. No one gets a trophy for dying while suffering.

Personally, I ask for assistance from anyone around me at any given time. I don’t want to die a “superwoman”.

#5. Get to Love your Job

Just as seeing your baby after birth made you forget all the pains you experienced during labour, geting to love your job as a stay at home mom surely helps.

While some people may think you are not doing enough by staying home to take care of your child and partner, you need to understand that being a stay at home mum is a full-time job no one pays you for.

To overcome depression as a SAHM, you must avoid self piety and convince yourself that you are doing just fine. Investing your time and energy into raising kids you can be proud of should be your goal and source of encouragement.

So, merge your lovely job with other activities you love doing as a person. Trust me, depression will sure become a far cry.

So early this year, I rekindled that love by registering for a Digital Marketing training course.

Now I take out a little time every day to surf the internet and learn as much as I can on writing. It makes me satisfied at the end of the day that I’m improving on myself and it makes me fulfilled.


Stay-at-home mom depression is real and should be frequently talked about. But because of the stigma of being called lazy or ungrateful, a lot of moms choose to be silent about it.

As a care giver who is always around your kids, you need the right mental state to give your family the best. You can follow some of the steps mentioned above and other ones that works for you. 

I also want to add that you should sleep when you can to avoid exhaustion and work on your self and mindset. Don’t expect too much from family, friends and loved ones but seek help anyways.

Then it’s very necessary to sort out your daily routine. Yes it is! It saves you a whole lot of stress.

Whatever is the cause of the SAHM depression you are going through, please pray about it. 

Finally, take each day as it comes. Don’t overload yourself with worries. Some things will take care of themselves. 


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Happy Living

How Do I find Happiness in Life?



happiness in Life

Happiness is a choice everyone should make, yet, many people are still struggling with how to find happiness in life. Basically, happiness in life totally depends on your output towards life despite the circumstances surrounding you. Whether, you are depressed, feeling lost, or totally at loss with what to do in life, this article on how to find happiness in life is all you need.

happiness in Life

A lot of factors in life may cause you to lose your happiness in life if you are not careful. Boredom, fatigue, loss of a close one and a number of other activities may cause you to start being unhappy. In fact, being a citizen of an under developed country is enough reason for you to break down and lose your joy.

The honest truth about being happy is that it is a choice only you can make. Life is actually tough and only the tough ones find a reason to remain happy in this disturbing world.

I have been totally unhappy for two good years. I lost my Joy and just wanted to leave planet earth. One amazing fact about embarking on a journey is that you can learn to teach others. This article will narrate a personal account of what caused my unhappiness, how it all started and how I finally became happy.

What causes Unhappiness in Life?

Most people become unhappy when their expectations are not met. These expectations can either be created for by you or by external factors.

Ninety percent of the factors that will create unhappiness in your life will be caused by you. So, you need to take care and avoid creating an unhealthy environment that arouses a sad feeling. A major cause of unhappiness in your life will be caused by how you decide to react to life.

Hello dear, life will throw obstacles at one point or the other, your happiness should not be tied to any of the issues of life. You must gird up your loins and choose to live all your days in total happiness. You will get rejected sometimes, someone you truly love may leave you by yourself on earth and your expectations may not be met always.

My unhappiness was caused by living in Nigeria.

How Do I Find Happiness?

The big bang question is usually how do I find happiness. Listen, the first way to find happiness is to make a choice to remain happy no matter what life throws at you. Seeing a psychologist is great, enrolling for therapy is outright important. But the truth remains nobody will be happy for you. It is important you take that decision to become happy first.

This decision will allow the next steps to find happiness to become effective. To find happiness, hey, choose happiness and stick to it. Other ways to find happiness include:

Find The Best Version of Yourself

Truly, becoming the best version of yourself is the best way to find happiness in life. First, find what makes you who you are. What interests you must sustain your happiness. How can you even find happiness when you don’t know what makes you happy.

It is important you list out what makes you happy. This should cover your values, what you love doing, what you live for, and what defines you at your best. If these list doesn’t make you happy, then you need to revisit.

In summary, create a list of your happy self. Identify what is missing and how to make it work perfectly. However, remember that what makes you happy is now what is on the list rather than your effort towards what you have written down.

For instance, if your happy self is a woman who can afford whatever she wants, first, put it down on your list. Nothing is outrageous, whatever makes you happy write it down. On the next slide, list out how to achieve all the items on your list.

Be calm, take it slowly and enjoy the moment of creating the best version of yourself.

Employ these Behavioral Habits

There are a couple of other things you can do to find happiness in your self. Psychologists recommend that to maintain your mental health and continuously be happy do the following:

  • You should expect less from people.
  • Do only things that make you happy especially what you do to earn money.
  • Live for the moment, enjoy every bit of your day.
  • Be Sociable, meet people, and attend events.
  • Choose to be positive towards life.
  • Stop worrying just keep living happily

Try all these to find true happiness in life. Take a vital and consistent step towards retaining your happiness and you can find all you need in this free Ebook.

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How to be a Happy Stay at Home Mom in Life



Staying happy in life is a conscious effort and a sole decision you must take. It sounds outrightly a difficult task but these practical ways to stay happy in life will make it easier for you.

There is no one thing as being happy or sad. Both happiness and sadness is a state of the mind and you have to decide what to think at each point. If you constantly consider your self unhappy, then, you will always dwell your thoughts on unhappiness.

However, if you already consider yourself unhappy, then you should read this post on How to Stay happy in life is basically for people who have experienced what it takes feels like to be happy. They are not willing to give up the serenity and tranquility that comes with feeling happy.

Does this mean only good things happen to them and around them? No, it simply means they are constantly making a conscious effort to be happy. Below are 10 practical ways to stay happy in life either as a student, mom, health worker or even in a loveless marriage:

  • Exercise Often
  • Entertain only positive thoughts
  • Do what makes you happy
  • Find your experiences more interesting than your possessions
  • Make a list of a couple of things that make you smile
  • Practice Mindfulness
  • Get enough sleep
  • Help others
  • Stay clean
  • Find time to define the life you want.

How to be a Happy Stay At Home Mom?

The stress that comes with being a mom is a beautiful ugly experience. It is beautiful enough that all you can see is the beauty and glamorous look of your child or children. However, the ugly part lies in your inability to cope with bodily and emotional changes that accompanies birthing a child.

To be a happy stay at home mom, you must first find happiness in life. And make a conscious effort to remain happy first as a mom and then, as a stay at home mom.

A stay at home mom doesn’t make you dull, incapacitated or lazy. First, erase perfection from your memory. There is no perfect mom anywhere but you can always be the best mom to your children.

To stay happy as a stay at home mom, it is important to draw up a list of all that threatens your happiness. Get a jotter or your parenting book, from numbers 1 to 10 write out all events, scenes, and activities that made you unhappy.

Well, this is what my list looks like, it may not reflect yours but, you should get an idea of what made you sad.

  • Early this morning, my husband called me fat. It made me so unhappy.
  • My babies wanted a cup of ice cream but I couldn’t afford it.
  • I saw two beautiful clothes but they were so expensive
  • My husband called me lazy because I asked him for some cash.
  • I woke up really late today, my kids were so late for their classes.

Practically studying this list above, it is glaring that I seem unhappy as a stay at home mom because I am gaining a lot of weight, I have no job, hence, no money to take care of my daily expenses, I appear lazy to my husband because I don’t make mone despite all the house chores I do and I am struggling with Financial management.

In summary, most stays at home moms appears unhappy because of lack of finances, poor time management, emotional stress, and physical stress. The gospel truth remains, you may never take note of the cause of your unhappiness if you fail to write them down.

To be a Happy stay at Home Mom, do the following:

Manage your time Properly

There is nothing as limiting as your mind. The thought of the fact that you have all day at home will rather make you lazy than smart. A realistic fact about this is that you will procrastinate and end up with doing nothing or little all day. Being a stay at home should not make you lazy and a practical way to avoid laziness is to learn how to manage your time properly.

Prioritize your daily activities to avoid feeling inadequate and unproductive at the end of the day. Your to-do list must include exercising, taking care of yourself, making some cool cash, taking care of your children and spouse and finally being a mom which includes dealing with the house chores and cooking for your family.

Have a Source of Income

Being a stay home doesn’t necessarily mean you should always be without money or totally be dependent on your spouse. Map out some time on your to do list and dedicate it to making some free cash. Wondering how? Thank Goodness for technological advancement.

In fact, you do not need to step out this days before you can make some extra cash. One of the things that will keep you happy is your ability to take care of your daily needs without support. So, get one dear mom and watch yourself glow. A multiple ways to make money online is to sell stuffs lying around your house occupying space and not being useful on ebay or other marketing platforms. On the contact page, you can contact us to aid you sell of these materials,hulah you have some cash once you get it sold.

You can also, start a blog or a you tube channel. There are so many eCommerce opportunities for you to make money as a stay at Home Mom. Grab one, be diligent and consistent. If you are committed in two weeks or less you should be able to happily tick off everything that makes you unhappy as a stay at home mom on your list.

Have an Exercise Routine

Yes, running around the house trying to fix things is a form of exercise. However, how much calories are you gaining everyday and how much do you loose doing all that stuff? If you don’t love to be called fat, well, whether you are called fat or not you know exactly when you are gaining extra weight, burn it.

Create an exercise routine that best works for you, watch your diet and take some healthy products to aid your weightloss journey. With these practical ways to stay happy as a stay at home mom, you will have enough energy and time to take care of your spouse and children.


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