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Easy Steps on How to Humidify a Room in Less Than 30 Minutes




As winter approaches, the need to humidify a room becomes very necessary. Mostly, the itchy skin, irritated sinus passages are caused by the dry air in the winter.

With a humidifier, you can easily control and monitor the moisture in the air. However, there are simpler and cheaper methods to raise the humidity in your home. This article compiles a list of natural and cheap methods to achieve this

This article will also explain humidity, why you need to humidify your room and when you need to humidify your room.

What is Room Humidifying?

Room humidifying is a way of bringing the moisture in a room or entire building up to a certain level. During the summer, the air is humid and the air conditioning helps keep things cool. However, as winter begins and intensifies, the air gets colder and drier, making it more and more difficult to keep your home humid enough to avoid these bothersome maladies. 

There quite a number of maladies associated with the harsh weather that comes with Winter. The air usually gets colder and drier and children are likely to fall to itchy skins, dry throat, and other maladies.

Though a humidifier is an appliance built to carry out this task, there are natural ways to keep your room humid enough.

Wondering how to clean white leather furniture? See practical ways to clean white leather without stains.

When Should I Humidify My Room?

Room Humidifying is essential especially, during spring time. But, you need to know when to humidify first.

If you do not pay close attention to winter weather changes, you may not be able to detect dry air. However, constant runny nose, dry throat and nasal congestion are some symptoms to remind you to humidify your room.

If you have kids, you should humidify as soon as you notice these symptoms.

How Do I Humidify My Room?

The easiest way to humidify your room is to use a humidifier. It is simple but it cost some good money though. This article compiles a list of the best natural ways to humidify your room in less than 30 minutes.

#1. Allow Your Wet Clothes to Dry Indoors

Your wet clothes can help you keep humid in your room. The moisture slowly evaporates during the drying process. Leaving your cloths to dry in your room while you sleep is a great cheap method to humidify your room in few minutes.

#2. Leave Water Boiling on a Stove

In less than 30 minutes, you can dispel dry air in your room keep water boiling within this period. This is a fast and easy way to humidify a room with a bowl of water.

#3. Leave the Bathroom Door Open While Taking a Hot Shower

Extra moisture that evaporates from a hot steamy shower is one natural way to humidify a room. To elongate this effect, simply wait for the water in the bath tub to get cold before draining.

#4. Place a Bowl of Water near the Window

When you place a bowl of water close to the window, the sun’s heat helps the water evaporate. This method is quite effective though there are no many sunny days during winter. If there is no sunlight, just place it in a room.

While this will work, it will take more time to humidify. During sunny days, use this trick to humidify room in less than 30 minutes.

#5. Spray Your Curtains

Sprinkling water on your curtains is one way to humidify your room in less than 30 minutes. The amount of water you spray depends on the curtain type.

#6. Invest in an Indoor Fountain

Setting up an indoor fountain is a great way to humidity a room in less than 30 minutes. There are cheap indoor fountains to aid you to keep your home humid during winter. To reduce costs, a recycling indoor fountain will be the best option.

#7. Cook on the Stovetop

You have probably been cooking on a stovetop all year round. During winter, you should cook more often on the Stovetop to increase moisture in your room in a few minutes.

#8. Get Houseplants

Planting houseplants is another trick to humidify the room during winter. Transpiration is a process plants lose water to the environment. The water being lost to the environment helps humidify a room. So, take advantage of this cheap and natural process to moisture your home.

Humdify Your Room FAQS

How can I humidify my room quickly?

To humidify your room quickly, dry clothes indoors, boil a pot of water and place a bowl of water near the window during sunny days.

How long does it take to humidify a room?

It takes 3-4 hours to move a room temperature from 38 degree Celsius to 33 degree Celsius. Some natural processes can humidify a room in less than 30 minutes.

Does boiling water add moisture to the air?

Yes, boiling water adds moisture in the air. This evaporation permeates the air and aids humidify a room.


Winter season is usually accompanied with dry air. This can cause maladies like itchy eyes, dry throat and irritated skins.

To dispel dry air in your home, installing a humidifer to increase moisture in your home is a great option. However, you could still achieve this if you adhere to some natural tricks to increase moisture.

The most important ingredient in increasing moisture is water. But, how do you increase moisture in a room with water?

This article compiles a list of water tricks that helps you humidify your room. And, this can be achieved in less than 30 minutes. Read through to see the list.


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5 Ways to have a Perfect “Me Time”.




Working so hard can be productive yet sickly. Finding a little time each day for yourself is quite rejuvenating.

The me-time is a relaxation every one should get. It doesn’t have to be all day but can be worthwhile.

The perfect me-time aids you to relax, and recharge for the next tasks ahead. Depending on the kind of job you do, a me time could come intermittently between your daily, weekly, or monthly schedule.

If you don’t have this added to schedule already, it can be tasking deciding on what to do during this period. Well, this article proffers 5 possible ways to have a perfect me time.

What is a Perfect Me Time?

According to collins dictionary, me time is a period a person has to himself or herself in which to do something for fun and enjoyment.

A perfect me-time is mapping out selfish ozone for some minutes, hours, or days. It refers to a time a person decides to do something else other than work, take care of a family or fix the home.

A perfect me-time is one that rejuvenates, resuscitates, and recharges your energy level. It is a selfish time that gives you the strength to become selfless for the rest of your day, week, or month.

Who Needs a Me-Time?

Everyone needs a me-time. Whether you work, stay at home mom, or simply a business owner – a perfect me-time keeps you going.

A me-time is specifically for people who spend most of their day taking care of others. For instance, being a mom entails waking up early each day, fixing the children’s breakfast, ensuring they are in school at the right time, etc.

This personally is a full-time job yet you may juggle this with work, events, and wifely roles. You need a me-time as much as the young banker who works an 8-5 job daily.

Also, catering to a family, and worrying about business as a father or breadwinner is one hectic task. To avoid total break down – you need a perfect me-time.

Socially, psychologically and even emotionally, it takes you to take care of yourself to take care of others. So, create that selfish time for yourself. It gives you the strength you need to go selfless for days.

Students who attend lectures every day and trying to keep tabs with friends and family? Go get your me-time, please? The underlying truth with not creating a perfect me time for yourself is a total break down. And, trust me – that’s worst.

What Can I Do For My Me-Time?

Simple, do what makes you happy. It is your me time – you set the rules. However, you may have to consider your religious inclinations and social affiliations in having a perfect me time.

Ski-dive, jog, run, read a book, see a movie, taking a skin-care routine – just about anything that relaxes your nerves. Below are some ideas to inspire you

  • Take a walk
  • Read a book
  • Create a new recipe
  • Go to the cinema
  • Leave the world for a moment
  • Go Shopping
  • Re-visit your life plan
  • Get some sleep
  • Practice Yoga
  • Write a love letter
  • Take a class
  • Go for a vacation

5 Ways to Have a Perfect Me-Time

Honestly, a lot of people create a me-time and end up living for others too. You know what they say about a date “three is a crowd?”

Well, for a perfect me-time -“two is a crowd.” It’s called a me-time for a reason. So, let it be so for you.

Below are 5 ways to achieve a perfect me-time in 2022.

#5. Be Selfish

Whatever you choose to do within the period – be selfish. Let it be about you. Let’s say there are 24 hours in a day, you spend 23 hours living for other ! Let your me-time be about you and you alone.

This can not be overemphasized. If it is a min or an hour – let it be for you. Do what interest you and you alone.

#4. Plan Towards Your Time

An organized life will sure save you enough time to have the perfect me-time. For instance, if you have a husband, or wife, or children to attend to, you must plan towards your me-time.

Remember a me-time is supposed to help you serve yourself to serve others better. So, get things in place before your chosen time. Basically, you should choose a time when the family may need less of your attention.

For example, school and work hours seem the perfect time for a stay at home mum to create a perfect me time. While your kids are in school and partner at work, you can do what you love to do the way you love to do it.

So, choose the perfect time for you.

#3. Choose the best location

Well, time and finance may pose as a constraint. But, you can always improvise. If you want to enjoy your me-time, choose the best location.

For instance, if you spend your day in a noisy environment, such an environment is not the best for your perfect me-time.

If you plan to see a movie and you can’t afford a cinema fee at the moment, hey bring the cinema home.

Wait, how do you love your movies? Recreate it just the way you love it. Use what you have to get what you want.

One time, I wanted to see a movie, but I didn’t have extra cash to throw around, I designed my own cinema fam.

So, I logged into my Netflix account on my laptop. I put on my projector and placed it on a white background. Trust me, I had my speaker magnifying the sounds while I curled up in my white sheets with a pack of popcorn.

It’s my me-time. So, I create the rules, the characters, and the directing. You too can. Simply, find the best location or the best to improvise it.

#2. Unwind

A me-time is only perfect when it helps you unwind. Going through life may attract some baggage knowingly or unknowingly.

This unnecessary baggage could be emotions, pain, frustration, rejection, etc. It’s totally fine you know – no one promised you life is going to be easy.

But a perfect me-time should remind you – “I am still the scriptwriter and director of this life.”

You may never get another chance to live this life. So, make the most of it. Whatever you feel should be dropped even before your me-time.

This explains why you must make your me-time about what you love to do. Do something that could relax your nerves and make you feel better afterward.

People will hurt, misjudge, disappoint, humiliate you as the case may be. But, you can only pamper, love, correct, and live you.

So, unwind and face life. You need to cry – let the tears flow seamlessly. Just don’t leave your me time still battered.

#1. Leave the World Alone

This is very important. How can you have a me-time with the world? It’s a me-time, not a world-time.

You want to hear it – leave technology alone. If you want a perfect me time, go for it without your digital device, especially if you do not need it.

Let’s say the book you want to read is a PDF stored on your phone. It’s fine, but can you just read the book and leave the world? Turn off your chats, notifications, and what have you. Just focus on what makes you happy.

The number 1 way to have a perfect me-time is to detoxify. This time, not your body but technology.

Perfect Me-Time FAQs

What can I do for me-time?

Do what make you happy. Plan towards it and do what makes you feel good.
Take a walk, go shopping, check out a museum, create a new recipe etc.

How much me-time do I need?

You can have a perfect me-time within 5 minutes to 1 hour in a day. A me-time can be as short as 24 hours or month if you need to go for a vacation.

Is it OK to have me-time?

Yes, it is more than ok to have a me-time. It is important and very necessary to create a perfect me-time.


A perfect me-time is not just important. It is very necessary. This article compiles a list of things you can do for your me time and how to make it perfect.


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Before Turning Twenty – The Life You Have Missed




The desire for freedom and an opportunity to experience adulthood could deprive you of your childhood.

The best thing you can do for yourself before turning 20 is to enjoy being a child and a teen.

Once you grow into a full-fledged adult, you will only leave the remainder of your lives reminiscing over what you missed growing up.

You probably came across this article seeking the right vibes, encouraging tips and a full guideline on how to turn twenty with swag. Unfortunately, this could be the only truth you would ever see on the internet.

Concentrate on the years before turning twenty. Year twenty ushers you into adulthood. While it is a great year to build your values, personality, and plan your life – it is the year where the true meaning of responsibilities may start dawning on you.

So, make the most of your years before twenty and get ready for your years during and after twenty.

Apparently, 0-19 years are the best formation years for everyone. Who you can become in the future is designed by the activities of this period.

The life you must have missed before twenty may never be yours. Let’s take a deep route into your years before twenty and what you can do before twenty.

According to science, life starts after conception takes place. The period between pregnancy and infancy – you have all your life depending on the people who love you.

During toddler years, physiological changes continue to show and develop. Unlike in infancy, you can now show emotions. However, ninety nine percent of all you do is determined by the people around you.

The next tranzition stage is childhood. Being enrolled in school, you have the right to choose who your friends are and who you may love to share your snacks with.

While this may not be done conscioulsy the will power of man and exposure to freedom gradually sets in. Studies show that puberty age is the most difficult stage of a child.

Trying to juxtapose his thoughts, with his guardians usually results in conflicts. Between 9-14 years -puberty age, you are probably struggling with the physical changes in your body and your voice against your guardian’s.

At this stage, you need your childhood. Play games children play, do things kids do and be excited about it. If I were you – I would listen to my guardian while transcending into adolescence.

Becoming a Teenager

Statistics show that most life transforming or self destructive decisions are taken as teenagers. Teen stage of adolescence witnesses your tussle to be heard, to have your own voice and to be seen. Yet, you may lack the psychological, social, financial maturity to pull through.

To avoid making destructive decisions in the years before twenty read this piece to the end. Also, if you are a few months, weeks, or days to the new Twenty – here is a life you have missed, and all you should do before turning twenty.

8 Things to do Before Turning Amazing Twenty

#1. Enjoy Your Childhood- Adolescence and Pre Adult Years

Although there is no age best to describe maturity, experiences are bound to make you react to situations differently. Before you turning amazing twenty, you should make sure you are enjoying your pre-twenty years.

Practically, this entails doing what your mates are doing. First, you must that you are not too young, yet you may not be too old to take up some roles. Concentrate on the things that could make your pre-twenty beautiful enough. Complete your education, learn a skill, play with your mates, and listen to your guardians.

#2. Build a Formidable Network of Friends

Statistics show that the best friendships are formed in the years preceding adulthood. Before turning twenty – if you don’t have a stable network between friends

#3. Challenge Yourself

It’s totally not unusual to feel like a child even at 20. But, you are grown even before you turn 20. One quick advice -don’t push the difficult things to after 20.

You need to challenge yourself. If you can, set up a business, develop an app, work to earn your money, and even do things you thought you could ever do. When you feel like giving up, find effective ways to motivate yourself.

#4. Build a Memory that Would Last

Once you turn twenty, you are never going to the teens again. So, create a visual memory bank of what life before twenty is.

Basically, snap good pictures, take some breath-taking photos, travel by yourself and lot’s more. Try out all the fun things that are safe in your locality and document your experience.

When you turn endearing 40, these memories will often make you smile.

#5. Grow Your Intellect

Before turning twenty, you were probably just having friendly conversation. Or, just discussing tough academic projects.

While these are great, 20 comes with the responsibility of holding meaningful conversations. To be able to surmount this need, you need to grow your intellect. The life you missed before turning twenty could be not reading the books you should have read long time ago.

#6. Understand your sexuality

Listen, do not go through a journey without knowing “Who You Are”. The life you have missed before turning twenty would be failing to invest in you.

You should understand yourself, what makes you and why you live the way you do. Hey, this is not just about zodiac signs and temperaments – this is about developing principles and values that would guide you.

Before turning twenty be sure it passes through your value and principles litmus test.

#7. Choose Your Leader

Mentorship goes a long way in aiding you avoid so many mistakes. Since you understand who you are – apply your principles in choosing your leader.

This cuts across government leadership, mentorship, religion and social standing. You can always get a mentor, but the life you missed before turning twenty is walking through a path so lonely. What a mentor would make easier for you.

#8. Fall In Love

Well, not just in love in with a boyfriend or girlfriend. Fall in love with you, your values and principles.

Falling in love with you will give you a clearer perspective of who you are. Just when you have created your inner peace, love will find you at that point of clarity. And, you will make the right choice.


Turning twenty can come with a lot of question running through your mind. If you have a few years before turning twenty, you should relax and enjoy the life before twenty.

Once you turn twenty, read this piece to discover the live you would have missed.


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5 Effective Ways to Motivate Yourself in 2022




Yearly, people set unrealistic goals. It is not unheard of that ninety percent of set goals are never achieved.

Although a lot of people start up with high energy towards fulfilling a task, many of them drop along the way. Honestly, staying on a task for so long can be boring, tiring, and arduous. In situations like this – how do you motivate yourself?

You have probably read enough articles on how to stay motivated toward a task. Yet, you are unable to complete even the littlest of things.

This is a new year and ninety percent of all you wish for may never come into play if you fail to do the right thing. This article pinpoints proven and effective ways to motivate yourself in 2022 and it also answers questions regarding why you need motivation.

What is Motivation?

Motivation is a set of biological, emotional, social and cognitive forces that activate behavior. In clear terms, consider motivation as the sole reason to continue on a task, project or mission when you are visibly tired.

Motivation simply means what keeps you on track even when its is not what you want.

Who Needs Motivation?

A couple of times I have set tasks for myself to loose some extra KGs. Usually, the first day task was accomplished without hitches. Second appears to take the smooth trail also. By the fourth week or fifth week, I have resolved to the “I can’t Kill myself” state where everything goes.

Don’t judge me. It’s absolutely not easy to stay away from delicious cakes, glamorous cups of icecream and my favorite African dishes.

A close friend of mine had resolved to save close to a thousand dollars last year from her annual income of a thousand and seven hudered dollars. You will agree with me that this demands a lot of motivation. Well, the first two months were a huge success. By the third month, a very close pal of ours died mysteriously.

She had to review this task of hers to save over a thousand dollars in a year. What if I die, who will enjoy this sweat of my denial”.

A new mum in my street got really tired of being a housewife. She decided to start up a blog where she could talk about her parental journey and join a network company. Well, she said she would start her vlog in 2018. It’s been two years and she has only a domain name.

Everyone including you and I needs some kind of motivation at some points in our life. The reasons to continue may be vague, but these effective ways to motivate yourself in 2022 will keep you on track.

What is the Best Type of Self Motivation?

The best type of self motivation lies in your ability to identify all you are missing out by not completing the task.

The journey could be boring, but the end result should be enticing enough to be enough motivation for you to continue.

It doesn’t matter if it’s intrinsic, extrinsic, introjected or identified. The best type of self motivation remains coming in terms with that one reason why you must complete this task. The consequences of not completing a project, task or mission should be daring and scary enough to make you continue.

For instance, if I quit on my weightloss journey – this means I wont be able to wear my favorite cloths – this is enough torment and motivation to continue. I don’t want to go looking like a “malu” in my pretty red dinner gown – I would rather shed this extra weight.

As minute or funny as it sounds, the best motivation lies in the little things.

5 Effective Ways to Motivate Yourself

If you are on a weightloss journey, or just a procastinator looking for a thousand ways to motivate yourself. I hate to be a harbinger or bad news but only you can find the right motivation.

Simply follows these ways/ guide to motivate yourself:

#5. Start with the Littlest Things

Research shows that a number of reasons why people do not complete most tasks is they take on too much at the same time.

Basically, enough motivation for you lies in your ability to finish small and little tasks daily. What does this mean for you?

For you with a big vision, task or project, starting with the smallest things to motivate yourself is dividing that task into atoms.

For instance, if your weight loss journey involves an exercise you consider strenuous, starting with one a day and accomplishing it is enough motivation for the next day. If it is your first time with push ups, sit ups and all those abdominal exercise, three to five a day is a great start.

And, completing each days task is enough reason and motivation to continue the next day. Simply add one stroke each day and you wont realize you can go hundred in few days without feeling drenched or stress out.

#4 Organize Your Life

Another research proven reason why people lack motivation is lack or self organization. If your time for other activities keep clashing with your task’s, you are bound to lose focus or lack motivation.

Remember what is what doing is worth being excellent at. So, organize your life. For exercises, running a blog – find the right time of the day and be realistic while fixing time. Don’t take on too much at a time.

If it’s important, create time for it. To aid you to organize your daily living without many interruptions, the app below aids you plan your day judiciously. It also acts as a reminder for tasks you are likely to forget if you set a reminder.

#3. Get a Reminder

Realizing you have missed out on a task twice or more because you forgot may cause you to relapse. So, get a reminder to avoid missing out on a schedule.

Your reminder can be your partner, friend, child, mentor, or parent – just as long as they can do the job. Basically, you need to share how important completing this task is with them and charge them with the responsibility of ensuring you complete your daily, weekly, or monthly task. This way you tackle this cause of loss of motivation.

#2. Reward Yourself

Getting a little ward for each simple task acts a greater motivator. An African proverb says, ” if you praise a work well done, the doer is bound to do more”.

Employ this simple tactics to get the right motivation to move on. Basically, if your task or project involves you denying yourself a thing or two, find something else that interests you to compliment.

For instance, I love Icecream, chocolates and cakes but my weightloss journey does not permit that. On the other hand, I love seeing good movies but my busy schedule would not permit me.

So, I rob Peter to pay Paul. Every week with total abstinence from cakes, chocolates and its like means an hour and half over the weekend on a date with Netflix.

The thought of the next good movie is enough motivation for each new week. So, find what interests you dearly to serve as a reward as well as motivation to keep moving.

#1. Take a Break and Go back to the Big Why

The big “why” you embarked on a challenge or task should be enough motivation to continue. Basically, you may have to take a break when it appears you are being stressed out.

Then find a tranquil environment for this little exercise. On a piece of paper, jot down what completing this task means to you – all the benefits. On another piece, what your life would look like if you fail to complete this task.

Place them side by side and try to internalize them. If the second sheet scares you dearly, then; you have found the motivation you need to continue.

Going back to the big why is the best way to motivate yourself when you feel like giving up on a task.


It is normal to get stressed out when on arduous task even though it is of great benefit to you. However, giving up, relapsing or quitting has never been the best response.

You need to find a source of strength -motivation to continue. This 5 effective ways are proven and highly effective when you feel like taking a break. Read this piece on 5 ways to motivate yourself.

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