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5 Effective Ways to Motivate Yourself in 2022




Yearly, people set unrealistic goals. It is not unheard of that ninety percent of set goals are never achieved.

Although a lot of people start up with high energy towards fulfilling a task, many of them drop along the way. Honestly, staying on a task for so long can be boring, tiring, and arduous. In situations like this – how do you motivate yourself?

You have probably read enough articles on how to stay motivated toward a task. Yet, you are unable to complete even the littlest of things.

This is a new year and ninety percent of all you wish for may never come into play if you fail to do the right thing. This article pinpoints proven and effective ways to motivate yourself in 2022 and it also answers questions regarding why you need motivation.

What is Motivation?

Motivation is a set of biological, emotional, social and cognitive forces that activate behavior. In clear terms, consider motivation as the sole reason to continue on a task, project or mission when you are visibly tired.

Motivation simply means what keeps you on track even when its is not what you want.

Who Needs Motivation?

A couple of times I have set tasks for myself to loose some extra KGs. Usually, the first day task was accomplished without hitches. Second appears to take the smooth trail also. By the fourth week or fifth week, I have resolved to the “I can’t Kill myself” state where everything goes.

Don’t judge me. It’s absolutely not easy to stay away from delicious cakes, glamorous cups of icecream and my favorite African dishes.

A close friend of mine had resolved to save close to a thousand dollars last year from her annual income of a thousand and seven hudered dollars. You will agree with me that this demands a lot of motivation. Well, the first two months were a huge success. By the third month, a very close pal of ours died mysteriously.

She had to review this task of hers to save over a thousand dollars in a year. What if I die, who will enjoy this sweat of my denial”.

A new mum in my street got really tired of being a housewife. She decided to start up a blog where she could talk about her parental journey and join a network company. Well, she said she would start her vlog in 2018. It’s been two years and she has only a domain name.

Everyone including you and I needs some kind of motivation at some points in our life. The reasons to continue may be vague, but these effective ways to motivate yourself in 2022 will keep you on track.

What is the Best Type of Self Motivation?

The best type of self motivation lies in your ability to identify all you are missing out by not completing the task.

The journey could be boring, but the end result should be enticing enough to be enough motivation for you to continue.

It doesn’t matter if it’s intrinsic, extrinsic, introjected or identified. The best type of self motivation remains coming in terms with that one reason why you must complete this task. The consequences of not completing a project, task or mission should be daring and scary enough to make you continue.

For instance, if I quit on my weightloss journey – this means I wont be able to wear my favorite cloths – this is enough torment and motivation to continue. I don’t want to go looking like a “malu” in my pretty red dinner gown – I would rather shed this extra weight.

As minute or funny as it sounds, the best motivation lies in the little things.

5 Effective Ways to Motivate Yourself

If you are on a weightloss journey, or just a procastinator looking for a thousand ways to motivate yourself. I hate to be a harbinger or bad news but only you can find the right motivation.

Simply follows these ways/ guide to motivate yourself:

#5. Start with the Littlest Things

Research shows that a number of reasons why people do not complete most tasks is they take on too much at the same time.

Basically, enough motivation for you lies in your ability to finish small and little tasks daily. What does this mean for you?

For you with a big vision, task or project, starting with the smallest things to motivate yourself is dividing that task into atoms.

For instance, if your weight loss journey involves an exercise you consider strenuous, starting with one a day and accomplishing it is enough motivation for the next day. If it is your first time with push ups, sit ups and all those abdominal exercise, three to five a day is a great start.

And, completing each days task is enough reason and motivation to continue the next day. Simply add one stroke each day and you wont realize you can go hundred in few days without feeling drenched or stress out.

#4 Organize Your Life

Another research proven reason why people lack motivation is lack or self organization. If your time for other activities keep clashing with your task’s, you are bound to lose focus or lack motivation.

Remember what is what doing is worth being excellent at. So, organize your life. For exercises, running a blog – find the right time of the day and be realistic while fixing time. Don’t take on too much at a time.

If it’s important, create time for it. To aid you to organize your daily living without many interruptions, the app below aids you plan your day judiciously. It also acts as a reminder for tasks you are likely to forget if you set a reminder.

#3. Get a Reminder

Realizing you have missed out on a task twice or more because you forgot may cause you to relapse. So, get a reminder to avoid missing out on a schedule.

Your reminder can be your partner, friend, child, mentor, or parent – just as long as they can do the job. Basically, you need to share how important completing this task is with them and charge them with the responsibility of ensuring you complete your daily, weekly, or monthly task. This way you tackle this cause of loss of motivation.

#2. Reward Yourself

Getting a little ward for each simple task acts a greater motivator. An African proverb says, ” if you praise a work well done, the doer is bound to do more”.

Employ this simple tactics to get the right motivation to move on. Basically, if your task or project involves you denying yourself a thing or two, find something else that interests you to compliment.

For instance, I love Icecream, chocolates and cakes but my weightloss journey does not permit that. On the other hand, I love seeing good movies but my busy schedule would not permit me.

So, I rob Peter to pay Paul. Every week with total abstinence from cakes, chocolates and its like means an hour and half over the weekend on a date with Netflix.

The thought of the next good movie is enough motivation for each new week. So, find what interests you dearly to serve as a reward as well as motivation to keep moving.

#1. Take a Break and Go back to the Big Why

The big “why” you embarked on a challenge or task should be enough motivation to continue. Basically, you may have to take a break when it appears you are being stressed out.

Then find a tranquil environment for this little exercise. On a piece of paper, jot down what completing this task means to you – all the benefits. On another piece, what your life would look like if you fail to complete this task.

Place them side by side and try to internalize them. If the second sheet scares you dearly, then; you have found the motivation you need to continue.

Going back to the big why is the best way to motivate yourself when you feel like giving up on a task.


It is normal to get stressed out when on arduous task even though it is of great benefit to you. However, giving up, relapsing or quitting has never been the best response.

You need to find a source of strength -motivation to continue. This 5 effective ways are proven and highly effective when you feel like taking a break. Read this piece on 5 ways to motivate yourself.

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Best Organic Skincare Products in Nigeria




Organic products have been duly abused by individuals and producers who are dishonest, lazy and real mediocres. In fact, quite a number of them mix up elements and chemicals without formulations to produce bad products that can destroy your skin.

The skincare product you use can destroy or beautify your skin. But the big question is usually, in all their big branding and marketing strategy, how do I choose the a good skincare product?

Hence, this article is written to review the best organic skincare products in Nigeria. It compiles its price, and states reasons why they are good enough for your skin.

What are Organic Skincare Products?

Basically, Organic skin care  products are specifically made from grown ingredients that are free from pesticides. They are generally beneficial for the skin because they contain little or no harsh chemical ingredient.

Well, whether it is truly organic or not depends on who you are buying from. Organic products should be made from natural ingredients and more importantly, in the right formulation.

Considering the overexposure to chemicals and pollution living in Nigeria may expose you to, getting a clear skin seems to be rare. However, with the right product, this can be achieved. It actually starts with using a good product especially, an organic skincare product.

Why Choose Organic Skincare Product over others?

Generally, organic skincare products are produced to work effectively for our skin. In fact, it is designed to aid you get the glow. While they may be more expensive, your skin requirement is the bedrock for any formulation.

You should choose organic skincare products because the contain all the essentials you need to get and keep your glow all year round. They are produced to aid you cope with hyper-pigmentation and unlike most products, Organic skincare brands are produced for specific purposes.

Changing your products to organic skincare brands means using only natural ingredients on your body. from your moisturizing, to hand creams down to Facial masks will be made from natural ingredients.

What are the Best Organic Skincare Products In Nigeria?

In choosing our best organic skincare products in Nigeria, we put into consideration the formulation of the organic products, brand reputation, number of products and testimonial, and affordability.

This means the organic skincare products on this site are effective, truly organic and relatively affordable.

1. HSM Skincare Products

Number of Products: 20

Affordability: N500

This brand goes beyond selling products to caring for your skin. In fact, products are not just sold to customers, rather, they take care of all skin blemishes.

From the City of Owerri, HSM organics reaches out to customers beyond the deep blue sea. It has over 20 skincare products, carefully formulated to accommodate all skin type. With an amazing customer service, clients are duly listened too and recommendations are made.

HSM products are duly effective and very efficient for skin burn, rashes, acne, pimples, and blemish treatment. Its organic product is soothing, relieving, and very curative. For consultation on skin issues, click the button below to chat with the experienced and skilled CEO.


Number of Products: 15

Affordability: N5000

Located in the heart of Lagos, Narganics offers over 15 organic products at a relatively affordable price. Aesthetically, their products are packaged in an extremely beautiful way that is quite alluring and captivating.

Basically, reviews show that their products are not just effective. They are also truly organic, soothing and curative of skin blemishes. In fact, Gold infused elixir is one of its most raved products and best selling.


Number of Products: 9

Affordability: N 4, 400

Orma skincare tops the chat for organic products that give a clear and steady glow. In fact, its clay mask is your best option when it comes to glow products.

With a carefully tested formulations that contains tumeric, the product is designed to give you a brightening and firming impact on the skin. Also, these products have an anti-aging benefit.

In addition, clients get skincare consultations, information, and advice that helps them maintain a bright and glowing skin. Its products give so much value for so much less a cost. Use the button below, to purchase an item


Number of Products: 3

Affordability: N2000

When it comes to great service, the House of Coco is your best brand. It provides an excellent customer service with free consultations.

Products are recommended based on your skin type and desired result.


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